About Concessionaire Analyzer+

Concessionaire Analyzer+ (CA+) is a software solution that allows airport terminal operators to analyse the non-aviation retail and F&B activities of concessionaires to maximise airport revenues. CA+ allows sales data from concessionaires to be centrally collected, analysed, reported on, audited, used for invoicing and be the subject of BI, enabling airports to assess spend by passenger, carrier, route, day, time, location, and gives insight into the impact of external events (eg: delays).

This enables terminal operators to better understand retail flows and undertake more effective negotiations with both carriers and concessionaires to optimise the retail mix. CA+ acts as the central intelligence of all retailing activity in the airport terminal. It also provides facilities to maintain concessionaire contracts with complex revenue share schemes and guarantees among other elements, and the generation of concessionaire billing.

There are 4 main features to the CA+ solution:
  1. Automated Sales Data Collection from concessionaires
  2. Business Intelligence and Performance Analysis
  3. Automation of Concessionaire Billing and Contract Management
  4. Optional POS solution with Airport Specific Functionality

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Extensive Granular Reporting

  • Concessionaires' Report - concessionaires are able to obtain reports of their performance via the Concessionaires' web portal including their share of the retail sales in the airport (slice of the pie), passenger numbers etc.
  • Airport Operator's Reporting - a Business Intelligence platform that delivers detailed reporting and analysis of concessionaires' operations to allow operators and retailers to maximise the retail operations and increase the value of the retail sector to it revenue management streams.

Concessionaire Analyzer+ enables airports to:

  • Monitor Sales - the ability of the airport operator to ensure sales effected by the retail outlets are compliant with the concessionaire contracts.
  • Gather Business Intelligence - the capability of the operator to analyse retail sales statistics enabling better assessment of retail flows and improvements in negotiations with current and prospective airlines and concessionaires
  • Benefit from Higher Returns from Retail Operations – by obtaining a better understanding of retail patterns, both parties are able to target promotions, plan gate positions and handle specific retail patterns to maximise revenue
  • Customize Needs – specific requirements such as interfacing to flight information management systems into one standard system for example.
  • Operate Easier Uploading & Downloading – a range of options are available.
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