CA+ Business Intelligence: Boosting Airport Non-Aeronautical Performance

Business Intelligence (BI) is all about bringing insight to data and enabling business decisions to be taken in light of meaningful analysis.

CA+ allows airports to analyse and assess non-aviation data generated by concessionaires so as to understand sales patterns and influence operations towards growth and greater profitability.

By bringing together retail sales data at a transaction level and combining this with passenger numbers, flight information and people counting data, airports are able to visualise performance through role based dashboards and key performance indicators.

Data is presented in the form of charts, grids and heat maps providing a rapid understanding of performance and analysis.

Key Benefits
  • assess market share by category and shop (e.g. jewellery and watches)
  • monitor sales and revenue trends over different timelines and times of the day
  • monitor sales/passengers on flights, routes or carriers to assist them in bench-marking performance, route development, planning and budgeting
  • identify conversion rates of passengers flying on particular routes allowing them to undertake specific tactics and promotions to boost these rates
  • monitor average basket size and sales in different shops, zones of the terminal, airside/landside and more
  • assess impact of promotions and digital advertising by seeing how these promotions have led to greater sales per pax, average basket sizes and more
  • influence gate allocations to assist in flowing passengers on particular flights past specific zones in a terminal
  • adjust retail sales mix of shop categories to reflect retail patterns once these are better understood
  • improve negotiations with concessionaires as these can be supported by greater insight into the retail performance
  • benchmark concessionaires against other operations in their same category or zone of the terminal, and work with them to boost their performance
CA+ is role based, allowing users to be allocated to roles whereupon they will see only the data they are authorised to see, as well as the analysis of that data they are allowed to have access to in that role. Users can configure their dashboards to visualise the data in the manner they require. CA+ provides extensive drill-down capabilities to mine the data to different levels and filtering that can be set by end-users without technical skills.

Technical users at the airport may also be provided with the CA+ BI Builder that will allow them to create new analysis components and queries. This addresses the needs of ad-hoc reporting and increases the independence from the vendor. The CA+ BI dashboard is therefore able to be centrally managed and configured according to the different roles in each airport allowing users to modify data and graphs and the drill-down parameters that suit their business needs. At the same time the dashboards can be locked down so as to control which users are able to personalise the analysis.

Authorised users are able to access the CA+ BI platform through all leading browsers: Apple’s iPad® and iPhone® and Android® Smartphones.

CA+ is an open system that allows airports to utilise their own preferred corporate BI solution to access the CA+ Data Warehouse as its data source.

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